World Building For Film and TV Series

As I was falling asleep one night over summer, this scenario came into my mind and I immediately liked it and wrote it down.

'A person falls into a body of water. Their body stays under the water for a moment, and when they surface again, they're floating on their back. The persons face has a look of contentment and acceptance as if to say 'I'm ok with this'. As they close their eyers, their limbs slowly float away from their torso in the water.

The body slowly sinks into the water and fades away into the darkness.'

I drew some thumbnails expanding the build up to the fall.

I expanded this into a full idea by asking myself a variety of questions.

  • What has lead up to this?

  • What is wrong with the person?

  • What are they?

  • Why is water important in this section?

  • Where are they going?

  • Where have they been?

  • Do I want to do a stereotypical zombie style film?

  • Why are they content with dying?

The next part for this idea is intended for the beginning.

I want to avoid wasting time building up the beginning of the film, so I want to set up it up much quicker than I have for my previous student films.

'The door to a public bathroom bursts open and the protagonist enters upset. Facing the mirror, the protagonist looks in the mirror and sees something in there reflection that upsets them.

The outer door of the public toilets opens, and the sound of more people entering the toilets is heard.

The noise of people startles the protagonist and they run into one of the open toilet stalls. They close the door as the sound of the inner door and people rises. On the back of the stall door are posters and graffiti saying variations of propaganda. The perspective of the stall door is elongated and daunting. the cubicle appears incredibly small and suffocating.'

(This is copied and pasted from a word document I wrote while I was doing some initial research during summer. Before I expanded my idea)

A person is infected with an unknown disease and must watch themselves decompose before their own eyes.

Voodoo. Zonbi. Dark magic. Mindless corpse.

Not-so Mindless corpse seeks peace in their afterdeath.

This is not the post-apocalyptic world you expect after a zombie epidemic sweeps a nation.

After being attacked on her way home, a young person has to find their way to a zombie zone before being found out by their friends, family and strangers who will kill them immediately.

The government has declared strict infection zones, separating those who are infected and those that are immunised. / hide in the woods

If you are found to be unvaccinated, then you are segregated from normal society because you are a risk. Those who are vaccinated have a specific piercing on the top of their ear. / have a card as proof of vaccination.

Vaccinations cost a ridiculous amount.

To work you have to provide the card.

Cards can be faked.

The woman must turn away from everything she has known before her secret is found out.

People straight up kill those who are newly infected instead of reporting them to the authorities to be separated. Self-policing/ vigilante.

Beats for the scene.

  • Woman runs into public bathroom

  • Upset/crying

  • Washes her face and hands

  • Looks in mirror

  • She has scratches/marks= infected.

  • Around the bathroom behind her are posters about reporting people for infection

  • The bathroom stalls and posters have graffiti all over them.

  • Women come into the toilet laughing.

  • Runs into stall

  • Door closes.

  • Big poster on the door with graffiti

  • Stall in focus

  • Rest of toilets disappear

  • Lighting is only in her stall

  • Proportions of the stall are distorted

  • The walls fall away leaving only the door and poster

  • Daunting

  • Vertical pan of door and poster


'5 Real Ways That Could Cause A Zombie Apocalypse' - Mind Blogger

This is a video that explains some theories about ways that a potential zombie infection could occur.

The topics they cover are:

  • Toxoplasma Gondii, a parasite that primarily infects Rats causing them to seek out their predators, cats, with the intent of being eating by the cats so that the parasite can breed inside the cat.

  • Hymenoepimecis Argyraphaga, tropical wasps that paralise and insert their eggs into spider abdomens . The eggs hatch and begin to inject an unknown chemical into the spider which causes it to weave a cocoon around itself and the larvae. When the larvae go into the next stage of their life cycle, they feed off the spider inside the cocoon.

  • Ophiocordyceps, A parasitic fungus that targets ants ( in africa) and changes their brain chemistry causing them to climb unto around 25cm above the floor. The ant dies and the fungus grows directly through the ants head and spreads their fungal spores to infect more.

  • Horsehair worm, a parasite that lays its egg in fresh water, waiting for an insect to come drink water. When the eggs are nearly fully developed inside the insect, they influence the insect to drown itself in order to release the new parasites into the fresh water to repeat the cycle.

  • Bath salts. A man was high on bath salts and ate the face of someone he knew.

Ophiocordyceps is the inspiration for a game called 'The Last Of Us', and very similar to a short I watched at the Manchester Animation Festival, 'Nothing to Declare'

There was also a BBC News article that I read.

I also researched into the history and origins of modern day zombies.

Conversation with Sharlie Rose

I have a friend who studies a English at Royal Holloway University. She is an amazing resource for Historical and literary references for all things spooky.

I told her my film idea and asked her for honest feedback.

addition to idea

Some of the skin on their face is missing. Looking down into their hand, they are holding the missing piece. Rifling through a beg, they take out some form of glue, and begin to put the missing piece back onto their face.

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