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Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Poem Adaption Ideas

Mrs Moon

'Mrs Moon sitting up in the sky little old lady rock-a-bye with a ball of fading light and silvery needles knitting the night'

-Roger McGough

For this Poem Adaption, I like the image of constellations moving around on a black background telling an abstract visual story based off the poem.

Id like to make the animation using a similar style to 'True North by George Bowler' that I saw at the Bristol Animation Festival. I wouldn't rotoscope my short, Id use either traditional drawn animation, cut-out animation, or 2D animation to create my short. Out of those three option, I'd initially prefer to do the cut-out animation as I would much rather work in stop-motion, however I need to factor in the price of the materials and access to the laser printer as students are unable to use it, so must have a member of staff to print it off. I will talk to Danny from class on Monday about this as he used cut-out animation for his 1st year animation.

( Dannys University Blog - https://dannyosu97.tumblr.com )

Jake Blakeston completed his Ba in Animation in 2016, and completed his MA in 2017. For his second year film he made a music video for the song 'Shia LaBeouf' by Rob Cantor, using cut-out animation.

'Shia LaBeouf - Rob Cantor (the original video for the song)

Jake Blakestones music video

key aspects for animation .Black and white . Line art .Constellations .Sunrise?

My Pintrest Board for some imagery that I've found which is similar is style to what I have in mind for this project. https://pin.it/5lcoxcgw7dntrm

I've found a 30 second animation by a student called Margaret Vanderlaan that was uploaded to Vimeo around 6 months ago. Personally, I dislike drawing in 2D as I feel I'm a stronger model maker than drawer, so its nice to see how someone else has perceived the poem in a different way and art style to myself.

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