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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

1. Head Office of the Afterlife

'After we die, who decides where our souls truly belong?'

38,000 BCEThe Aurignacian[9] Löwenmensch figurine, the oldest known zoomorphic (animal-shaped) sculpture in the world and one of the oldest known sculptures in general, was made. The sculpture has also been interpreted as anthropomorphic, giving human characteristics to an animal, although it may have represented a deity.[10]

Inana- The oldest named deity from a textual source that I know is is Inana, a Sumerian goddess of fertility and war.

2. Ersatz Motif

'Artificial design has gone too far, is it too late to turn back?'

'The apocalypse has been and gone. We are what survived artificial design'

The world of the show is set in a future in which a mass epidemic has created what we call zombies. No-one survived. No man, woman or child. This show is about the zombies who made the world theirs in the shadow of old Earth.

  • Feminism such as right to body, access to contraception and pregnancy

  • Politics such as social issues, government spending, euthanasia

  • World population decreasing (film reference)

  • Medical insurance and research

  • Drug abuse

An immunisation has been created to limit the effects of the virus. As time went on the price of the immunisation became incredibly expensive and society has separated into socials class systems based on their access to immunisations.

  • The lowest class extend the time between immunisations to the point of reverting to

  • The working class financially struggle to maintain regular immunisations.

  • Middle class live conformably and keep unto date with their immunisation.

  • The elite extend the norms of immunisation, using various products and procedure to obtain their version of the perfect human.

Set inside a testing facility where the classes mix. The poorest in society volunteer to test new vaccines to see how well they work. The working class are employees doing the lowest paid jobs in the facility. The middle class are those employed by the facility, scientists, office workers ect. The elite the company owners who drive business and the price of immunisation.

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