Contributors and gaining consent.

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

After completing my storyboard, I realised that I would really like to use a painting that has been shown to me at the beginning of my film.

I would like to begin with this painting and then fade into my stop motion set for a full establishing shot.

In order to use this painting I needed to find out who the artist was that painted it and get their content to use this piece. I began by speaking to the gentleman who owns the painting.

Not long after speaking to Ian, a friend of Ians sent me a message.

After speaking to Jim, I looked at train times and prices for travelling to Wakefield to join the group on their underground tour. The tour is held at 'The National Coal Mining Museum For England'. I've been looking at doing this tour independently, and its an amazing coincidence that I've been invited to it by Jim. This is also a great opportunity to speak in person to ex-Sutton Manor miners and get their feedback on my film.

The groups minibus will arrive at the museum at 10.30am, I'm planning on travelling to Leeds the night before and staying at a friends house. It'll take about an hour to travel to the museum from my friends, opposed to the 3 1/2 hours journey from Preston.

From the information Jim gave me on the artist, I searched Facebook and found a lady who fit the description.

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