Set Building: Toilet

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

To make my toilet, I started by cutting plywood into the shape I wanted for the rim of the toilet and the lid. I used my hacksaw and drill to get the rough shape that I wanted, and the sanded down the ended to smooth them off.

After spending a bit of time doing this, I got close to what I wanted in shape for the rim and lid, however the final piece was not what I wanted. I also realised that to create the entire toilet asset in wood would take a length of time that I wasn't able to commit to.

Using the wooden toilet lid as a guide, I decided to use polystyrene instead. I cute a square of polystyrene and marked the shape of the toilet bowl I wanted and cut the shape with a craft knife. One the outer shape was done, I dug out the middle bit carefully with my knife and some of my sculpting tools.

The polystyrene looked very messy, so I covered it entirely with white wood filler. It was rough at first and required a day of drying between each layer I did. I sanded down the entire toilet to smooth the surface and then added another layer of wood filler to prevent any polystyrene being visible.

To create the back end of the toilet, I cut the shape out of polystyrene for the water tank and the support that connects to the toilet. In hind sight I should have done the whole toilet out of one piece of polystyrene.

I used epoxy resin to glue the piece together, allowing it to dry before I used wood filler to cover it and sand it down to a smooth finish. Using needle file I

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