Set Building: Cabinate

Updated: May 30, 2020

Making the cabinate was the most difficult and lengthy process of all the asset for the set. I didn't use any tutorials for this.

When beginning the process of making the cabinate, I first had to find the materials. Previously I've just gone to Hobbycraft for balsa wood for my projects as its a very pleasant wood for me to work with, however everywhere is closed due to covid.

Sadly I struggled to find reasonably priced balsa, or alternatives, online. While speaking to my dad who was a joiner carpenter by trade, he suggested that I use some spare plywood that came from the slats from my nieces old bed that he had at my parents house. He was able to drop it off at my house (maintaing social distancing).

Now the benefit of using the plywood was that its free and I didn't have to wait for delivery times. The biggest disadvantage to using the plywood was that it was significantly harder to work with compared to balsa.

Given the circumstances, I was willing to deal with the difficulties of using plywood for the project. I have more tools that I can use now compared to previous projects, so using plywood is more reasonable this time round.

The first thing I did was the split the plywood into it seperate sheets of wood. This was easier said than done.

Using my stanley knife, I had to carefully get inbetween two of the sections of wood and then pry them apart using a ruler and my hands. Seperating the plywood made life alot easier during while making my assets because I wasn't having to deal with thick pieces of wood.

Once I had the thickness of wood i was happy with, I used a combination of my Stanley knife, cutting disk on my dremel and also a cheap little hacksaw I bought last year to cut the wood into smaller sections.

I actually ended up making 3 cabinates. The first was too small for the characters to interact with, the second I forgot to leave space to add a door and with the 3rd I'd learned my lesson and made it correctly.

Cabinate 1

Measuring the panels

Covering with wood filler

Cabinate 2 and 3

Making The Backing Panel

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