Set Building: Bin

Updated: May 27, 2020

To make the bin, I curled and glued some cardboard from toilet roll to make the shape, and cut a circle to make the base. When it had dried, I thought Painting it white might look too bland so decided to use some twine and wrap it around the bin over a layer of PVA glue to create a nice textured pattern to the bin. I also used a second strand of twine to circle the underside of the bins base to continue the pattern underneath goings in a sprial. As the twine I used splits considerably, I then did a thin layer of PVA glue over the twine once it had dried in order to glue down the free bits of twine that was sticking out.

The make the bag for inside the bin, I just cut a section from a white bin bag and estimated the size for inside the bin. I used a hot glue gun to adhere it the rim of the bin, to give it the look of a 'real' bag I curled the sections of the bag that I glued. Once that was secure, I put hot glue on the inner base of the put and used a damp finger to push the plastic down, damp so that I didn't burn myself on the hot glue.

Once all the glue I had used was dry and firmly in place, I pierced the centre of the base with some of my sharp tweezer, and then used a screw and screw driver to make the whole larger. When I first did this, my intention was to drill it into a piece of wood, with the metal of the stage between them in order to secure the bin in its place on the set. However, when I tried this the wood was very difficult to drill into without doing a pilot hole. I remembered that I had some threads, so I replaced the screw with the one from the thread, and chose to bolt the bin in place instead.

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