Sculpting with Supersculpy: Darrens Hair

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

When starting the hair, I decided that I would use a thin plastic bag over my head sculpt since I had not made the mould yet for casting. I had issues with doing Jocelyns' hair so decided to do it this way for Darren.

Using a thin sandwich bag, I wrapped it around the sculpt and tied it around the neck of the head, making sure that all creases in the bag were over the face to ensure the hair had a smooth area for sculpting.

I rolled out a section of supersculpy and moulding it to the shape of the head.

Once I got the layer of sculpt down, I shaped the outline of the layer to the neck and around the ears. I added sausages of sculpy to form the fringe and the main hair lines for the sculpt. I wanted to emphasis the crown at the back of the head, so I took particular attention when arranging the sausages to create the circular pattern.

I smoothed off the sausages and blended them to make the hair look better. I then adjusted the hair and crown by adding more sausages and smoothing them to make the hair look better.

Trying to get the ends of the hair line in the crown to meet in an aesthetically pleasing way was really difficult. I had to redo it a lot because they looked just wrong.

Once I got the crown they way I wanted I cooked the sculpt, however a few crack appeared at the back of the head. They were too big to fix with glue and be able to fit over the head sculpt, so I pulled the section out and then re-sculpted the section and cooked it again.

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