Sculpting in Supersculpy: Darrens Head

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Starting by carving a rough head shape out of foam, I then put a length of circular K&S into the foam from the neck. This will allow me to place the sculpt into a piece of wood when Im not sculpting so that the sculpt doesn't get smushed and loose any detail. I then cut holes in the foam where I want the eyes. This will make it easier later when I put in the beads for the eyes so that I'm not pushing directly against foam.

I rolled out a thin layer of supersculpty and moulded it around the foam. Next I added small sausages of supersculpy to begin adding facial features.

It took a few attempts for me to get the head shape and features that I wanted for my characters, this is why the video and images below are different. I will talk about the images below as they show the stages for my final head sculpt.

I placed the beads that I would use for the eyes into the sculpt so that I maintained the correct proportions while sculpting. I started by added sausages to the brow and surround the eye sockets to create depth to the upper face. Then smoothed off the edges to join the upper brow to the forehead.

Next I added varying sizes of sausages to form the nose, cheekbones and jawline. Using my sculpting tools, I smoothed the sausages into the rest of the sculpt and added two small circles to the side of the nose to form nostrils.

To sculpt the ears, I put a flat oval of sculpy with the top in line with the eyes and lower part in line with the nose. I smoothed the edges into the sculpt using one of my flat tools, and created the inner line of the ear by gently pressing down on the sculpt. However, I plan on using this sculpt in a two part mould with the seem line going behind the ears, I had to make sure that the earlobe was level to prevent issues later on.

I chose not to do a mouth at this point because I wasn't able to create a mouth shape that fit with the head. I decided that I wouldn't do mouth at all on the sculpt.

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