Script & Story Development

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Part 1: Script & Story Development: 20%

Using Celtx (free script writing software) type out your script for your story that is between 2-3 minutes in length. You must write in script format a detailed description of what happens during each scene. You are not to use any camera instructions or shot references like swipe, zooms, close ups etc at this time. Sample scripts are available on Blackboard for your convenience.

1 x PDF document containing the script must be submitted

My early script was very different to what I currently have. I knew that I wanted to make my film about fertility, specifically how PCOS effects those with it and their partners. So it was important that each draft maintained the same essence for the story.

Draft 1 - Semester 2

Some issues regarding this draft that my next draft will improve on:

-There is too much narration in this draft. When I test recorded myself reading it with no breaks, it was over 3 minutes. Far too much narration for my short film.

-The script as a whole is too long especially with the amount of dialogue in it, an average 1 minute of footage should have between 1-1.5 pages at most. So my 3 minute film should be no more 3-3.5 pages long with dialogue.

-I don't need to show the audience every detail of events, I can use SFX and camera angles/shots to develop the story visually.

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