Script - Draft 2

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

SCENE 1 - Establishing shot

View of the mine from across the road from the entrance. There is a wall, a set of large gates and buildings behind them. Further in the distance are two mine shafts in operation.

SCENE 2 Close ups

Cap lamp and self rescuer being attached to the workers belt.

Collecting tallies

Putting the safety helmets on

Scene 3 Internal

Give tallie in

walk into the cage

remove the platform

close the cage door

3 rings and the cage descends

Scene 4

As the lift descend, it becomes dimmer until barely anything is visible. The dim cap-lamp illuminates the man and his surroundings.

Scene 5

The cage stops at a level in the shaft. Someone opens the cage door and the onsetter drops the platform for the men in the cage to walk out on.

Scene 6

The pit bottom is cold and dim. The men walk away from the cage and board the locomotive.


Sitting in the locomotive men chat amongst themselves. There is coughing and laughter in the background.

Scene 8

The locomotive stops and the men disembark.

The men walk on foot through to the intake tunnel to get to the coal face.

The intake tunnel is straight along the sides and curved at the top, similar to a railway tunnel. Along the walls are wires and pipes, on the floor are tracks for coal bins.

Scene 9

Moving closer to the coal face, there are stocks along the tunnel, supporting the roof and maintaining the shape and integrity.

At the face a machine is cutting into the coal, the blocks of coal fall and land around the base of the machine. Pit men load the blocks of coal into mass tubs which are then moved out through the tunnel andto the shafts.

Scene 10

When the shift is over, the men walk back through the tunnel to the locomotive were they ride back to the shaft.

The walk into the cage and the door is closed.

Scene 11

The cage ascends. The lights from the lamps are turned off in preparation for the surface. The light in the cage dims rapidly until nothing is visible.

Scene 12

The land where the Colliery once was is now covered in grass and shrubbery. The sky is slightly overcast, but otherwise sunny.

The gates of Sutton Manor Colliery are in the same position as they originally where in the Colliery, but now they are closed.

After completing the second draft of my script I posted it in the 'Sutton Manor & Local Pits Reunion' group on facebook. An ex-minor who responded to a post I made a couple of weeks ago added me into the group so I could speak to more minors who worked at Sutton Manor.

I posted the script into the comments of my post and several people have made comments on how to correct and change parts of the script.

I have also emailed Geoff Simms my script.

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