Script - Deadline

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Today is the deadline for writing the script. I'd hoped that I would have heard back from the institutions that I've contacted during my research on Sutton Manor Colliery at this point, however I haven't.

With this in mind, I blocked out my script on different bits of paper and wrote them up on Celtx when I felt I had enough work to build on.

Separated into beginning, middle and end, I have blocked out my script with key events I want to happen.

On Celtx I added more detail and rearranged the order of events where I felt it was necessary.

While writing up the script, I needed more specifics on the layout of the colliery. I took the time to look through photo albums on for further information. This is a website that I have used extensively so far in my research, and have been given written permission to use the images on the website in any way I need to for my project.

A key part that I didn't take into account when originally writing my idea in previous posts, was that to get to the coal face, the miners used a locomotive which was nicknames Albert. There were also underground tracks for the coal to be removed from the mine easily, and large equipment that needed maintaining. I've since added this into my script.

The loco nicknamed Albert.

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