Research: Black Light Stop Motion, PB

Pete sent me several links to Youtube videos that use black light/ black fall off in their pieces.

This pixilation piece by Brad Lawrence uses UV black light and a variety of materials to create an intricate and visually appealing stop motion.

The use of blacklight in this piece is used to focus the viewers attention at different points, while forcing the viewer to unconsciously ignore those areas not lit.

This is an element that I want to incorporate into my film, as I have chosen to use a theatrical style minimalist set, I don't want the audience to get distracted by anything in the background, so want it all to be black and without detail.

'Blacklight stop motion film using over 1500 photographs, 200 balloons, 100 plastic cups, 50 shot glasses, 12 black lights, 10 colorful candles, 9 jars of paint, 8 glowing bracelets, 7 shades of face paint, 6 vivid posters, 5 colors of rope, 4 colors of tape, 3 bottles of ink, 2 electra lights, and an entire tube of blue hair dye.' - from the description on Youtube.

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