Rapunzel Historical Research

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

As my essay is based on the modern day Rapunzel, it'd important for me to understand the origins of the fairytale so that I can make informed decisions on what references to use in my essay.







I spoke to Pete about my adaption idea so far,

A woman with long blond hair is trapped in a tower, there are no doors for her to exit through, only a window that's a great distance to the grass below. Somehow, she manages to escape the tower through the window, only to find that when she reaches the tree line surrounding the tower, she hits a literal brick wall. The worlds shudders and melts away as she twists around. There are several armed guards surrounding her, backing her against a prison wall. She's in prison inmate clothing, and we realise as an audience that everything up until this point has been a hallucination.

Pete made a couple of suggestions, which I wrote in my note book.

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