Production Sheet

On Fridays lesson, we briefly went over Production sheets/ Schedule with Mark. I felt it would be greatly beneficial to create a Production schedule for this project

As the deadline for all the projects is the 6th March, I've used the template I made for my 2 minute film and edited the content.

Template from my 2 minute film

I've blocked out the outline of what needs to be completed for when using the NHS brief as a guide. I've also used my experience from making my 1st year film to influence the order of asset making and production.

A provisional Production Schedule, I expect changes to be made after speaking to tutors.

I spoke to Bex in 3rd year and asked her feedback on my production schedule, as she had to make one for her tv show. The only thing she recommended was to separate editing into visual and sound which I've done, however I haven't specified separate dates for them yet.

Bex suggested I speak to Mark as he is available this morning.

The feedback I got from Mark was to overlap the times on the production schedule for asset making and animating, because the assets made during the first 2 weeks will be ready for animating by week three. This is so that we can use our time most efficiently.

I've asked Charlotte to edit the script so that I can continue with the production schedule and a detailed list of the order of assets that need to me made.

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