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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Here are some examples of productions sheets that I've found online that I like the layout of.


I like the simplicity of this sheet. The colours are vivid and clearly indicate the timings of different sections of production.

The sheet is not detailed at all, there is a headline of what needs to be done during the assigned time however there is no further detail on what exactly is being done.


This is an impressive and detailed plan of production. It shows the events by hour, where they are located and props are required.

On the other hand, it is too detailed compared to what I would do for my production sheet, as mine needs to be over a three month period, not 2 days. This is for a live shoot, opposed to an animation, so it lacks the time frames to co-ordinated asset making etc.


This time sheet contains elements that I like from the previous two examples. I like the use of colour to distinguish between different parts of production and the time frame is closer to the time frame that I have for my production.

The level of detail is lacking within the production schedule for each section, however it would be very simple to add more rows for additional details in each section and using a drop down box.

While looking for specific timesheets for animation I found the following schedule.

Again this uses a wide use of colour that I enjoy and a good amount of detail in the schedule.

The main differences between this example and what I need to create is the time frame and few differences because my production is in stop motion.

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