More on Production Schedules

I feel that more research is needed for me to get a full grasp of how important production schedules are for planning out my time, making sure that I don't forget to complete parts of my film and working to deadlines. I've struggled with these aspects in recent projects, so I want to learn from my mistakes.

After speaking to Mark and Mario today I realised that I really need to get onto of my time management. I've got a lot of research to do in the next couple of weeks, as well as completing other work and reaching deadlines.

Mario suggested that I look at CGI production schedules as they are similar to the process of stop-motion.

This sheet has some things that I don't need, such as skinning and character using. They do, however, give time for blocking out the animation which I think will be helpful for me.

This sheet doesn't contain anything that I haven't already considered, I've added it because it includes time for reviews and approvals. This isn't needed during my project, as I am my own boss, but it's important to remember that I won't work like this when I get a job after university.

I like that this sheet shows a priority for each week, giving a visible goal for that week.

The only thing here is colour correction. From speaking to Mark, I have a feeling I will have o give a considerable amount of time to colour correction to my film.

This shows the deadlines along the bottom of the sheet. I like that. It makes it very visible when things are due and I would like to incorporate this into my own. I really don't like the use of red blogs to mark of what is being done each week, it looks messy and distracts from the actual task.

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