Mining Research

Heart of Glass

'Heart of Glass is an agency for collaborative and social arts practice based in St Helens, Merseyside'

I'm aware of the agency as my sister did a project with them during her time at college. They are related to this project because they have done several projects regarding the towns history with mining.

The Haunted Furnace Project

World of Glass

The World of glass is a Museum in St.Helens that is dedicated to mining and glass making, as the towns history are in them two areas. Pilkington Glass still produces glass and sells it all over he world, whereas the mines have long since closed.

Set building

A miniature Gold Mine

Model Railroad Coal Mine, How To Make An N Scale Coal Loader! Save $$

Building the Coal Mine - Part 1

On30 Mine with full underground

06 - Modelling an underground mine scene

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