Materials and style

At 2.30 I had a meeting with Steve about the materials and style of the NHS film.

So far Charlotte has written a preliminary asset list which I spoke to Steve about.

Character production:

Super Scuply clay/ 3 skin colours ​

Armature wire ​

Small magnets ​

Fabric samples for janes clothing ​

Synthetic doll hair​

Small eye stickers ​

Super glue ​

Liquid rubber latex ​

Quick dry tacky glue ​

White tack

Set production:

Plywood ​

Blue fabric for curtains ​

Screws for the plywood or wood dowels ​

Perspex for window ​

Small hinges for doors​

Small screws for hinges​

Polymer clay for props​

Flooring samples: Small tile ​

Wallpaper samples/ small brick pattern/white etc.​

Pritt stick/ wallpaper paste 

Props: Hospital

Bus ​

Ambulance ​

Wheel chair ​

Bed ​

Blanket/ pillows ​

Night table ​

Reception desk ​

Reception chair ​

Computer screen/ desk props ​

Biscuit trolley​

Biscuits and cups ​

Chairs/ seating in reception ​

Stretcher ​

Zimmer frame ​

Documents ​

Curtains ​

Hospital signs  

Props for Jane's home


Chair ​






Home accessories 

Supplies we already have to use:

Reception desk prop ​

Bed prop ​

Night stand ​

Acrylic paint ​

Some Plywood​

Foam for characters bodies​

Foam under wrap for characters fingers ​

Hot glue ​

Fabrics ​

Tin foil for characters head.​

Small hooks for curtains ​

Needle and thread 

Steve has agreed with me that as many backgrounds as possible should be drawn and placed on card (or similar) to give the illusion of depth. Only things and characters that directly interact with Jane should be stop-motion. The colour pallet must be the same for both stop-motion and 2D objects to keep continuity.

Steve also happens to be collaborating on a film that he felt could help with ours, using large illustrated pictures cut out to create backgrounds, the environment changes rapidly around a character with the pictures changing behind it.

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