Life Drawing

This semester we will be based in the Hanover Building for our sessions. Stewart is our male model again this year, it will be the 3rd year that I have had Stewart as a model as he modelled for my class when I was in college.

We did 3 poses this session. The first pose was 25 minutes, the second and third were 15 each.

(These images are low resolution picture I have taken, I will upload scanned versions as soon as I can. - 24/01/19)

I think its necessary to note that during todays session our life model came out of his positions several times due to pain in his arm. At these points I stopped drawing and observed how he was stood naturally compared to how he was positioned, focusing mainly on the shape of his legs and feet.

Stewart. 1/3. 25m on A3 size. 23/01/19

In this piece, have positioned that drawing In a way that I'm not able to draw the feet. I struggled with the with of the left leg, which is why there is shading in that area as I've changed the pencil line during a conversation with Steve.

In the top right section of the page, I drew a little stick figure so that I don't forget the full position since I wasn't able to fully draw him. His right arm, the pole, lower legs and his face are missing. Generally I leave the face till last because I dislike drawing faces.

I find feet hard, but interesting to draw so I wasn't pleased when I realised my proportions where off and I hadn't left enough room on the page for the lower legs and feet.

Stewart. 2/3. 15m on A3 size. 23/01/19

Again, I haven't positioned the drawing correctly, leaving off the left foot. However, I'm very pleased with how my proportions have been within this piece. The trunk of the body and the left arm was difficult to draw because the lines looked wrong on the paper, I feel that I added just enough detail to show weight and lines to balance this.

The legs aren't drawn in proportion, the left leg was slightly longer and wider than what I've draw, in contract to the well drawn right foot behind the fabric.

I chose not to draw the padded seat that he was sat on, as it would distract me from drawing the life model. Instead, I've added just enough to show that he is sitting on something and that his foot is slightly obscured.

Stewart. 3/3/ 15m size A3. 23/01/19

Now this drawing, I struggled heavily with.

Starting at the left thigh, where his hand rest on his leg, I drew outwards. I originally made his trunk far wider that it actually was, and it look absolutely botched. Visually I couldn't place what made the drawing look so wrong, so I ignored the parts that Id already drawn, and moved the a new part of the anatomy. I'm pleased with how the left leg has turned out, as it hasn't needed much extra work done.

The stomach and the right arm were easy to draw when I used the belly button as a reference to measure from. It was at this point I realised how much slimmer I needed to draw the left hand side of the models body much much thinner. It took several attempts at redwing the line of the back and buttocks to make the drawing appear more accurate.

Out of the three drawing I have done, the second one is the most successful one. Despite not drawing the left foot, the proportions of the body are very well drawn and it is clear that the model is a man leaning back on his arm.

At the end of the session, Steve told us that we need to go to security and get access to Hanover building so that we can swipe in through the main door.

We also need to get A2 sized drawing pads for our future sessions and other materials to draw with.

After the lesson, I went to Rymans and got an A2 sized pad.

I also set up a meeting with Steve for around 2.30 to speak about the NHS project and my 2 minute film.

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