Layout of the colliery

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I need to know the layout of the Colliery so I can make what will feature in my film.

The layout of the underground Colliery

Layout of the surface of the Colliery.

I haven't found an official plan of the colliery grounds, however these are two plans found on Sutton Beauty & Heritage.

Google Maps - The land that Sutton Manor Colliery once stood, now a woodland area.

This image is an arial view of the colliery while it was open, the Image has been taken on a different angle in relation to the previous image.

Google Maps - The Gates of Sutton Manor Colliery from the view of Forrest Road.

Google Maps - An areal view of Sutton Manor Woodland, the Dream statue is visible in the background.

I want to make sure that I don't loose how big the colliery was during my research and designing. I'll be making two sets that shows the surface, one with the colliery in action and the other of present day woodland. I want to ensure that this change in the film is significant to the viewer and that the large scale isn't forgotten by the viewer.

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