Kevin Spruce

Today I wasn't able to attend the talk but Liam was able to attend and has taken some notes for me.

Personal life

Did graphics in high school

1stbig moment Went and failed at an interview for an animation degree. Upset him but got on with it.

Became a runner at Pete Bishops studio.

In London, Spielberg opened a studio in London, Spruce worked there for 5 years

Started as a tweener for 5 years, then a junior animator.

2ndbig moment, DreamWorks opened in America as the studio closed, but didn’t apply for it.

Stayed in London to go up the ladder.

Commercial work and freelance work.

1999-2000 2D work dried up as CG became more popular.

He then started to network and became friends with someone who worked at spielburgs studio, he got him a job.

Made the jump to 3D, and has stayed there for 17 years.

‘Eve though the jump was scary,it was hard. 2D has more freedom than 3D because in 3D you are limited to the models and technology. Not your imagination.’


They didn’t do any animations WITHOUT references.

Motion capture suits, there is a place when they are needed. Sometimes overused. Spruce uses them to block out actions.

Talked a lot about working with clients.

Look at his website for possible jobs.

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