Interview with First Trace Heating Direct Ltd

Today I had an interview at First Trace Heating Direct Ltd for the position of 'Brand Video Developer and Producer'.

Amine from United Plus has provided this video as a reference for what the client wants for their product.

Some concerns:

At first glance, the headphones appeared very realistic and I wasn't sure if they were footage of real headphones on green screen, or very good CGI.

Speaking to Pete and Mario, they both agreed that the quality of this advert exceeds the budget that the client has for their videos.

The majority of the video is motion graphics which is simple enough to recreate, especially with the option of buying assets for the project.

When I first read the brief, I imaged the videos could be done completely in motion graphics, but given that the client has said that they want to have 3D animation, the main assets could be created in Maya and then everything else in motion graphics.

During the meeting there were several things I felt were important to emphasise.

  • The clients need to manage their expectations of what will be created from the budget they have agreed upon, as well as the fact they have gone through United plus which is pre-dominantly students and recent graduates so the skills set that will be available for the project is limited.

  • In reference to CG, (after speaking to Pete and Mario) the university doesn't have the facilities or software to render to the quality that the video would require if it was being directly referenced from the 'AKG N60NC' video. It would also be expensive to buy the software, as well as inconvenient to do as it would need a dedicated machine to render.

  • Do the clients have assets available?

I showed them previous work

  • video I recorded and edited of Paul Gavetts lecture on comic books and graphic novels. - Editing skills

  • 1 minute film - patience and ability to apply new knowledge to a project

  • NHS - I explained respectfully the difficulties of production, and how it was important that it was

  • 2 minute film - combination of 2D drawings, how the film is a personal project

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