Ideas and Suggestions

My original idea from my pitch has now evolved into several possibilities. I have also spoken to several people who have given suggestions on different ways to approach filming.

The purpose of this film for me is to create a detailed set, so I desperately want to maintain this through to my final piece.

My Ideas

  • Adaption of my original idea based purely on the mine itself. It doesn't show any of the family or real puppets like my original film, focusing purely on the interactions of the shadows and the mine.

  • Make the film based on the strikes of 84/5 and the consequences of them on Sutton Manor Colliery.

  • Possible use cut out animation to create an animated sequence which could then be put over the images of the mine to create a film.

  • I need to explore if I can use the multi-plane with a real on the lowest layer.

Suggestions From Others

  • Speaking with a friend, they suggested that I create a story telling narrative. A young girl is being told about her fathers/grandfather job in a mine, and the film is based on her imagination during the story. When the father goes down the shaft into the mine, luminescent mushrooms and other plants bloom in the darkness as he passes them. The child's perspective is one of magic and wonder, in stark contrast the the realities of what mining was actually like, dirty, dangerous and groggy.

  • Steve has made the suggestion of exploring if it would be possible to do an art instillation opposed to a traditional 2 minute film. We spoke at length about how I could go about doing this. Using one of the stop-motion rooms in VB022, I could fully black out the area, which would be easy since the walls are already painted black, and using a projector to project a series of animation over a set. A couple of questions that Steve has proposed. - What constitutes an animation? - Can an instillation be an animation? - If I can use traditional shadow puppetry -

  • Use green cut outs and use green screen effects to give the silhouettes the correct colour and effect that I want in Post Production.

Sutton Manor Colliery is the mine that my grandad worked at his whole career, after he retired, it closed in 91. Its badge can be seen within this poster.

Image by B. Springthorpe , A poster showing all the badges of the Colliery's that were closed after the strikes of 84.

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