Filming: Intro Sequence

Updated: Apr 2

Taking advice from Pete, Mario and Liam, I created a 19 second introduction to my film for submission on 28th May.

I started by compositing together the shots I had filmed on dragon frame into after effects. I took reference directly from Animatic 2 with set.

Through teams, I shared my screen to show Pete the cut and he made some suggestions for extra shots which I filmed later that day.

This is the composition that I ended up with.

After sending it off to both Pete and Mario for review, I continued to film follow on shots for this sequence.

Again, I sent this for feedback off both the tutors, and from their feedback I removed the walk cycle of the woman going from the toilet to the sink.

Mario suggested to do some alternative shots to insinuate her movement as the walk cycle is very shoddy.

Pete recommended that I cut the walk cycle footage down, which I did. However, this shot was so quick it was uncomfortable to watch so I made the decision to remove it completely. I really enjoyed the visual of this upwards pan shot, but my animation of the walk cycle let it down.

My final sequence for the intro is shown in this video. I removed the walk cycle and did a fade from black at the start to allow for a title sequence later on when I can focus on editing more.

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