Feedback: Pete Bishop

With the whole situation of lockdown, days have melded into one long day and night. Thank god for the Pete! With the final deadline looming, I honestly didn't know it was May bank holiday Monday when I asked him to chat about my work.

Over this past weekend I've been filming shots for my film. So far I've completed shots 1-4 and 27-32, out of 42 shots.

I wanted to go over these shots with Pete as I knew that they didn't quite fit together in regards to some of the cuts between them.

Petes suggestions;

  • Shot 1, use thin thread to suspend the box and lower it into the bin.

  • doing a close up of Jocelyns hand moving towards the toilet handle between shot 2 and 3.

  • Between shot 2 and 3 (as the cut goes from a 3/4 angle to a side upwards pan which is harsh on the eyes) he suggested short shot of the toilet with the womans shadow panning across left to right to create anticipation for the change of motion between the two shots.

  • Draw a simple 7x4 calender and circle dates with a red pen for the inner cuboard from Jocelyns POV.

Pete also insisted that I watch Dog by Suzie Templton at least 2 times and make notes of how short some of the shots are and how they have been cut together. (Followed up on the next post)

I will say, I've watched Dog several times over the course of my degree, and while it is an amazing piece of animation and a fantastic example for many things, the fact that it depicts a dying dog, and its eventual death always makes me cry. I avoid watching it as much as I can because im a big baby.

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