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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

9th Feb - Liam Springthorpe

  • Can this be made using shadow puppetry? It feels like the script you've written should be using puppets because of the detail you're going into.

  • If the characters are shadow puppets, then you need to be careful when scenes have several people overlapping. You may loose track of which silhouette is the main character, and how many character shadows merge together.

  • Using a software such as Cell Action to create a walk cycle of your character, then print off the images that make up the walk cycle. Cut out and place the printed images into the scene along specific positions. The shadow would then cast onto the set accurately.

11th Feb - Pete Bishop

Petes feedback on my script through email.

Pete has suggested some artists to look at, sent some images and also a couple of links to articles to read.

Ted Holloway, Testing for Gas 1956. Gemini-Collection, Zurbaran-Trust. Photo © Colin Davison

I really like the use of limited colours within this painting. The lamp illuminates the young man incredibly well along his face and arm, casting shadows and contrasting with the darkness of the narrow shaft behind him. The wooden beams that support the shaft indicate that its an old fashioned mine without having to go into vast detail.

Norman Cornish, Pit Road c.1950s. Courtesy Gemini Collection, Zurbaran Trust. Photo © Colin Davison

12th Feb - Mark Manson

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