Feedback from Steven Dee

Today I spoke to Steve Dee through teams regarding the progress of my production.

We discussed my armature and the process I went through to make it at home and the materials I've got access to and what I need to buy next.

I showed him the set up I have for production in my back bedroom for the foreseeable, and the limitations that there are about working from home.

One main concern for Steve was that I have a large window in the room, and when I begin to film, I need to ensure the window lets no light through.

My plan for this is to use large pieces of cardboard and layers of black bin bags to block the light coming through when I'm filming. I also have black out curtains that I will be putting up alongside my normal curtains.

I will only be setting this up when I need to film as sitting in a dark room will have major effects to my mental health at this point. As I am using my Dremel in the room to cut metal and making assets, I also need to make sure I have sufficient ventilation with the window open at all times, swell as wearing protective eye and face masks, for my physical health.

Improvements and things to think about

. The finger lengths of my hand armatures are a bit too long, they need to fit within the mould when I make it.

- Cut the finger wires down and reapply epoxy to the tips

. My sculpts need to be smooth and cooked well

What to do next:

-Do animation tests with my wire armature,

-Sculpt - as good as they can be. Take my time to make a good sculpt to make life easier when I'm moulding them

-Steve will do some research on silicon - mould life - regarding what is the best type for me to buy and use

- make new armatures, and ensure that I don't connect all the parts so that I can easily place the necessary armature parts in the mould for casting.

-Leave the heads for later,

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