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Updated: Feb 8, 2019

I have sat down with Mario, Lizzy, Savanna and Anna to talk about the final animatic I sent out last night, we watched it together and he has said that the layout issues he's seen can be addressed as we go ahead with asset making and animating.

Mario has told all the groups to focus on making a couple of still images from their films to show what they will look like. Due to my group being stop motion, we will be making a still image of the ward from scene 5-7. I've chosen the ward for my group because it is a complex scene with 3D and 2D elements.

Screenshot taken from the animatic

A simple set made in Maya showing the layout of the ward

Mario showed me the amount of timbre that we have available, so we aren't going to need to buy any wood for the project.

Mario's sketches during our conversation about the ward layout. Top View.

This is the 3D idea of how to set up the ward

The bed which Jane will be on needs the ability to fold upwards.

Bed Bed Plate - MDF

Mattress - MDF, foam, fabric

Wheels - MDF

Legs - MDF

Rails - MDF


When the bed is made, it can be used as the stretcher, the x-ray table and the ward bed. The addition of rails will allow us to use it in-between the operation and the recovery ward.

The bus can be made using MDF on a flat plane, so that we only need to make 1 side of the bus, it can be stylised.

There is only one scene where the interior of the bus is visible, and that can be done in 2D to make life easier. The bus driver will be 2D and have some lip sync. We don't need to animate the full body as the driver will be behind a glass patrician.

The windows and glass doors can be painted so that they can be keyed out later and edited.

The ambulance can be made in a similar way so that we can use our time and materials wisely.

The scale of the set and assets all depend on the size of our tallest model. Jane is a short character as she is elderly and hunches over slightly. There are 8 puppets in total that will be in the film, 1 of those is Jane and there are no more than 3 puppets (including Jane) in the same scene at a time. To make us time efficient we will make 2 puppets for Jane so that we can animate multiple scenes at a time.

Janes puppet will be 170 x 76 mm in width. The tallest puppet must be no more than 200 x 90mm. Using this as the tallest puppet, we can then make the set to an appropriate scale.

As I want to make props, I need to work with the measurements of the tallest puppet. I was allowed to take a basic animation armature out of the stockroom at uni, and made 2 sized armatures using excess wire when I got home.

Janes puppet is the smallest, just under 6inch/~144mm

The tallest puppet will stand at around 8 inches/~200mm
  • draw out the armatures for the characters to scale.

  • draw out the set design to scale based of the characters

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