Dressmaking: Pants

Updated: Jun 15, 2020


The process I used for making both Jocelyn's and Darrens pants are the same.


I cut two sections of the fabric that I want to use and placed them either side of my puppet. With the fabric for Jocelyn's pants, each side has a different appearance due to how its made. I made sure that the side that I wanted to use was facing inwards.

I used pins to secure the fabric around the legs and then removed the fabric from the puppet.

The pins created an outline of the legs, so I cut the excess material using fabric scissors.

Once the excess was removed, I hand sewed the pants and removes the pins. I made sure to sew the bottom of the pants and hemmed them to make them to clean uptake fabric.

Next I used my mini hair straighteners to iron and flatten the fabric. Once I was happy with the pants and how it was sewed, I inverted them and ironed them again.

The reason I inverted the fabric was so that the seams would be hidden.


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