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Updated: May 31, 2020

When I first got this brief my first thought was, 'does it have to be as colourful and artsy as the examples?'. This was because from all the workshops and talks I've been to over the past 3 years for getting into the industry

My first idea for my creative CV was to have a notebook book as the background with my contact information in the margin and the different main components on post it notes.

I started putting this together but it didn't have the aesthetic that I wanted.

The notebook background looks quite simple and bland. I wasn't quite able to implement the post-its in a way that made them look visually appealing.

Two of the images that I used from my work are good examples of composition in 2D, however I have no interest in pursuing a career in 2D so there is no really need to have these in my CV.

I want my CV to showcase my skill and ability within model making and asset building, as well as organisation skills if I can, which I don't feel that this CV does.

Overall this CV is bland and visually boring and that is why I didn't complete it.

My second idea for my Creative CV is what I ended up submitting, a collage with printed out information incorporated in it.

Liam suggested that I make a collage for my CV, using a variety of materials that I actually use while making puppets and assets.

I used the stop motion stage to put all my materials on. Then moulded my name in clay and supersculpy (without cooking it) onto one of my craft cutting mats. I used all the notebooks I have used this year to raise it up.

I got all the puppets I have made during my time in UCLan and incorporated them into the back ground, and put little printed out notes indicating which year I made them. For my 3rd year puppet, I had yet to go further than sculpting and cooking the head and making a wire armature, so I put a note on it saying 'still working on this'.

I don't find writing general CV's that difficult, struggling mainly with doing cover letters.

Using Photoshop I typed up the written aspects that I taped up in my CV.

I chose to have the layout of the contact section the same as my first draft CV because I really liked the aesthetics and simplicity of the symbols. It was important that this was front and centre due to the physical size of the printout.

I made use of the wall in the background by taping my education and work experience to it, not wanting empty space in the image. I also wanted to emphasise safety by prominently displaying my safety goggles and my builders mask, next to my dremel. In hind sight I could have also incorporated my joiners gloves which leave the thumb, index finger and middle finger free to work on fine details while covering the rest of the hand and fingers.

I usually use a blue cup with the UClan logo on it to keep tools together while I'm working on something, so I figured it would be a nice touch to have this visible for the camera.

My About, Hobbies and Interest and References were taped to my A4 cutting mat and propped up by my 360 clamp. I chose to keep this section together on one piece of paper because I felt that I had already spread the written aspects of my CV out enough and wanted to keep these sections together at the forefront of the image.

I put my Software section on my dremel, to fill in the space between the two larger parts of my written CV.

In lower front of my image, it was completely empty and showed the metal top of the stage. It looked a bit too empty so I rolled out my pencil holder which I use to keep all my sculpting tools, tweezers and needle files together. It filled the gap nicely without taking the focus from the written CV.

While taking pictures, I accidentally left the scissors on the table and liked how they appears in the image. I chose to stage it along with a small hammer to add a little more to the scene.

Overall, this CV is a much needed improvement compared to my previous one. If I were to improve upon this, I would most likely spread the objects out more and enlarge the print offs more.

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