Chat with Mario and Pete

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Tuesday was a difficult day for me as I was feeling pretty ill and tired. I was struggling to focus on the topics of discussion and making notes on them.

In the morning, Pete went over TV Series Bibles for out project.

We discussed how we would approach a brief focusing on ecology aimed at children and how it can be difficult to create a concept and synopsis which is appropriate for children.

We looked at some professional tv bibles from shows that have been produced and the key elements in them.

We went through some student bibles from previous years, talking about what made them successful or unsuccessful.

(Notes from class)

I had a chat with Mario about my film idea.

I'm struggling a little bit with pulling back on my original idea for my film as it is too ambitious.

Pete also spoke to me about the Atman project I'm doing independent from uni.

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