Character & Environment Designs

Part 2: Character & Environment Design: Deadline 05.10.19 15%

You must produce full character sheets of the main characters of the show. The character sheets must include a short character bio, plus turn arounds and an action pose. You can use a maximum of 2 sheets to explain a single character. You must also include all final environment art. Any development work will go into brief 2 as part of your development reflection. Remember to work in high resolution for printing (300dpi) with a minimum pixel resolution of A4.

Final versions are to be exported as Jpegs. All raw files must be submitted with your final renders.

My original 2D character designs where drawn in photoshop using my sketches from 'Aims & Synopsis' as a guide as I drew and coloured over them.

Speaking to Pete, he said that proportions of my original sketches of the arms and legs of my main characters needed a lot of work on.

So with a new photoshop file I redesigned and redrew the characters using a reference I used in 1st year when I was making my first puppet.

When I resigned Mae, I thought about how in Anime's the main character has a distinguishing hair colour. So I made Mae ginger to visually distinguish her from any other character. She's wearing pyjamas as she is a patient within the institute, and is on bed rest the majority of her time there.

Dr Arias is a middle aged man, although I don't think I've quite got that across in my designs. I chose to not have him in a stereotypical white doctors coat, as during my live brief for the NHS our consultant medical student emphasised that doctors in hospitals never actually wear them. Doctors wear smart casual clothes as they work, so I've dressed him as such. He has a stethascope around his neck to show his profession visually within my book.

Vaughn Everette is a politician, so I've put him in a fitting grey suit. Again, this character is middle aged and like many men in the world, is balding but grows a beard pretty well.

For the Environments, I struggled quite a bit to picture specific places for my book.

I knew that I wanted a looming gothic style building for the institute to show the intensity of events that the building has in it during the show.

My initial drawings on photoshop where quite crappy truth be told.

Had a chat with Pete while I was drawing in class one day, and he suggested that I find an image of a building that looked close enough to what I want, and use that as a base and add to it what I wanted so I did.

He then suggested that I take a picture of Plungington lane near where I live and draw over it for one of my environments for the 'slums' in my tv show.

I want the slums to look broken and bruised, with posters over one another and peeling from the walls. Broken windows that have been left to the elements to show that the community don't care about image. It follows a sad stereotype that we have in our society.

For the 3rd and final environment I chose to create Maes bedroom in the Institute. The room in simple and only has a couple personal items such as books, and with medication on the sideboard next to the bed.

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