Building Assets - Bed

Using my designs for the bed, I've used MDF to make the components for the bed.

Drawing of what the bed should look like

1. I drew a very simple bed. With Mario advice, I added components which will make the bed easier to work with in stop motion. Instead of drawing a full mattress, I have separated it into three sections. These sections will be made out of MFD and foam and wrapped in a sheet of fabric to give the illusion of a mattress.

Measurements for most of the components that need to be made for the bed.

2. This is a plan of what components need to be cut and the measurements that they need to be cut to.

  • Bed plate (230 x 102 ) MDF

  • Mattress (63 x 89), (127 x 89) MDF

  • Rails 3(230 x 7), 2(58 x 7), MDF

  • Legs (85x 15), MDF

3. I forgot to take pictures of my work until this

The headboard and footboard for the hospital bed.


I drew and marked out the measurements that I needed to cut out of different widths of MDF. The bed plate, mattress and legs where cut from 15mm. The rails and head/footboards where cut from 7mm.

I used the bandsaw to cut out the majority of these pieces while Paul, the technician who runs the workshop cut out the components for the railings because of how thin they needed to be.

4. After I had all the pieces cut, I used the disk sander to smooth of the rough edges and to give the the headboards and mattress a more rounded shape on the corners.

5. Once I had all the parts smoothed, I had to think about how I would put the bed together. The most difficult part would be

the rails, so I began with them.

Speaking to Paul, I had a few options

When moving from surgery to a ward, the railings of the bed will be put up to prevent the patient from rolling out.

on how to put the rails together.

  • use JUST wood glue and hope that it would be strong enough.

  • use wood glue and pins to put the joints together. -pro. using pins will make the structure more sturdy and stable. -cons. the wood has been cut very thin, so using pins is likely to split the wood. alternatively. use a hand drill with a very fine drill bit (the bit is too small for an electric drill) and drill holes through the wood so that the wood will not split.

  • Using the measurements, Paul offered to cut out the space so that the rails would be made out of a single piece of wood.

I ultimately chose to use the hand drill and creature guiding holes for the pins as the pieces had already been cut. If this doesn't work, Paul has offered to do the 3rd option.

Pauls suggested that I use two pieces of wood at a right angle to one another to use as a guide for the joints. This meant that when I was hammering, the joints where the correct angle for the rails.

It was really difficult to pin the rails, the pins where smaller than my fingernail.

Everything is balancing, I haven't pinned the bed itself, but the rails at the bottom have been put together with glue and pins.

Paul was unable to find a tack hammer, so I had to use a hammer which was too big for the job. These two issues combined meant I caught my fingers a couple of times while hammering.

Problems and how I overcame them

  1. I didn't use the hand drill at first when putting the rails together. This caused the pieces of wood to split those pieces to be unusable. - I cut new pieces of rails and used the hand drill to make small holes to guide the pins through to connect two pieces of wood.

  2. I couldn't tell when the drill had gone entirely through the wood, sometimes the wood split because of this

The lower piece of the rail has the bed plate resting on it to show how it will look together.

-I continuously felt the bottom of the wood to feel for the tip of the pin. I made sure that each piece of wood had a hole through it before I put pins in.

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