Barry J. C. Purves Lecture

We had a lecture from Barry Purves today in the Adelphi building. I overslept and missed the beginning of his talk, but was able to be in for the majority of it.

His website.

Purves showed several pieces of work he has been commissioned to do over his career, and spoke about the process he and his colleagues went through when producing and completing the pieces.

Tchaikovsky, An Elegy - 2011

The first piece of work he showed was 'Tchaikovsky, An Elegy'. He was commissioned to animate this piece of work for a series of short films about classical composers called 'Tales of the old Piano’ produced by Irene Margolina.

Purves wrote the script and storyboard for Tchaikovsky. He visited Moscow and visited Tchaikovsky's home several times while researching for the film.

Throughout the 12 minute animation, the music was composed by Kuzma Bodrov using compositions written by Tchaikovsky. Each piece of music used during the short film represented a point in Tchaikovsky's life.

Like many directors Purves uses colour within his work to represent different things symbolically. In Tchaikovsky, the colour red represents those family members and lovers that he was involved with during his life. Red equates love. A red rose is used throughout the film, and is one of the main props that the puppets of Tchaikovsky interacts with.

'Inspiration only comes to those who call it' - Tchaikovsky, An Elegy

The budget for Tchaikovsky was £30,000, which sounds like a lot. However, when taking into consideration the cost of props, the puppet and payment for the man power, it is actually a low budget. The puppet alone cost £8,000 from Aardman.



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