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Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Today we have been told what we will be expected to do for this semester.

The timetable for this semester is on blackboard for us to look at, we will have Mondays for the NHS project with Mario and Pete, Wednesday will be life drawing with Steven Dee in Hanover Building and Fridays will be our 2 minute film with Mark.

Mario asked us to each fill in a feedback sheet on Module AX2001, which I did in the morning.

Next week we will receive feedback about our work from semester 1, the tutors are still marking and need to have moderators check the work.

During February's reflection week, we will still need to be in class.

Over easter we will have access to the building to do work if we choose to, excluding the bank holidays.

We have 16 weeks until the end of all our projects.


By the end of the day, Mario wants us to email him which job roles we have during this semester for production and post-production.

Jim and Rick have emailed with feedback on our meeting from last Friday about our animatics, which Mario went gave to each group.

- My group need to establish that the film is about the NHS workforce right at the beginning of the film.

We will do our final presentation of the project on 6th May, and everyone must be present for it.

It now appears that there will be 4 separate films for the project, opposed to a long film combining all our 2 minute films.

Mario will arrange for security to extend our access till late (12/1am), but it will take some time to organise.

All compositing must be done in after effects, we can use Adobe and Toon Boom for creating 2D work.

The Brief- NHS Semester 2

70% of the work marked will be based of our group performance

30& will be based on individual work.

Print quality of our work must be 300Dpi at a resolution of 5760 X 3240 until the final render. Render work into PNG or TGA formats. Everyone must hand in the final MP4 of the animatic. The group leader of each group (me) is the only one that needs to hand in the uncompressed file for marking.

We MUST name files appropriately, e.g. 'Name of film - Jodie'.

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