Asset Building: Toilet Roll

Updated: May 29, 2020

Making the toilet roll was the easiest asset to make.

Materials I used:

Toilet roll

PVA glue

Inner toilet roll cardboard.



I cut a 15mm strip of the toilet roll cardboard and curled it around the paint brush and applied PVA glue to secure the roll.

While that dried, I folded up 2 connected squares of toilet roll and cut 15mm width of the toilet roll.

Next I used a dab of PVA glue to glue one end of the toilet roll to the cardboard, and then curled the toilet roll around it till I got to the end of it. I applied a tiny bit of glue to the end of the toilet roll to make sure that it wouldn't unroll on set.

I then repeated this 3 more time, except with the last one I left a bit of toilet roll unglued from the roll its self so that it hands freely. To avoid movement of this hanging bit of toilet roll during filming, i coated it with a thin layer of PVA glue so it hardened but still looks like toilet roll.

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