Asset Building: Pregnancy Test Boxes

Updated: May 30, 2020

While looking online for designs on miniature pregnancy boxes I came across this amazing tutorial on Youtube.

Sadly I wasn't able to use it as my printer has no colour, nor did I have the otherwise It would have been the way I made the test boxes. It wasn't wasted however, as I used it for inspiration.

For the box I used inner toilet roll cardboard and measured out a simple outline of a flat box.

Once I had the design drew, I cut the outline out and folded the card along the lines. The end flaps had to be cut and shortened to actually fold in properly. Then I glued (PVA) the two longer ends together to create a box with two open ends. I sealed one of the ends with PVA glue and left the other open. I did this because this specific box will be open and inside the bin during my film.

I repeated this process 3 more times, but sealing both box ends. The 3 boxes are to go inside the cabinet during the film.

once the PVA was dry, I painted all the boxes white. However, I wanted to add another colour to make them stand out in the set, given that all my assets are painted white. I decided to use some purple acrylic paint and along each side of the boxes, do a simple wave design from one corner to the opposite corner. This made the need for fine detail unnecessary on the boxes.

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