Asset Building: Pregnancy Test

Updated: May 29, 2020

Using this tutorial from youtube, I chose to use is as a reference on how the end product should appear.



Stanley knife

Sand paper

Needle file

Pink hama bead

White paint

Epoxy resin

I shaped the pregnancy test out of a small section of plywood that I split into sections using the stanley knife. I made sure to give the test a curved section along each side for where the hand would hold it.

For the absorbent tip, I simply cut away 1-2 mm of wood around the tip of the test to create an illusion of a tip sticking out of the test.

The display panel that sits on the top of the test, I used the very tip of the stanley knife to cut a square lightly into the wood. Next I pierced the wood at an angle to that it did not go through the entire of the test. This allowed me to gently remove some of the wood bit by bit to create an indent int the test for the display.

Once I got the essence of the test complete, I used the sand paper to smooth out the end of the test and the body of it. To smooth out the display, I used the tip of a needle file to gently file away roughness. The needle file was also used the flatten out the wood around the 'absorbent' tip.

With the test now smoothed, I painted it entirely white.

The hama bead fit loosely over the absorbent tip, however the hama bead was too circular. I cut very thin strips from opposing sides to give it the appearance of a cap. When the white paint dried, I used epoxy resin to glue the pink bead to the absorbent tip. I chose to do this because at no point in my film do I actually show the absorbent tip, but I needed to have something to insert in the hama bead for glueing them together.

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