Armature Plates

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

I decided to make my main puppet fro my 2 minute film the same way as I made my first year puppet.

1st Year Armature

Linda McCarthy did a workshop February 2018 about puppet making. I really liked the process she goes through to make her armatures, and I decided that the armature that I made in her workshop would be the one I used in my 1 minute film.

Metal Plates for my 2nd year film

Using some scrap metal that Natalie was able to find for me, I marked out the shapes and sizes of the waist, chest and footplates that I will be using for my armature.

Using a jewellers saw tool, Mike helped me cut out the pieces as I'm unfamiliar with using the tool.

Once I had the touch shapes cut out, I then cut some square K&S to be soldered onto the metal plates.

This weekend I used my multitool to sand the edges of the metal plates smooth, and the remove any paint that was on the surface. Mike said that any materials on the plates will make the soldering difficult.

I used the multitool inside a plastic box to prevent the metal particles from going outside my area and had the window open.

Not long after I started to sand the metal, I realised that some of the bits flew into my fact so I wore some cheap safety goggles and a dust mask I recently bought. The goggles weren't so bad to wear, even with my glasses on. However the dust mask was terrible. It didn't fit my face comfortably at all, and the elastic band that kept it on my head quickly undone. I put safety pins in the elastic to prevent it from slipping out the holes either side of the mask.

After a while, I decided to take the goggles and mask off, and position the plastic box in a way that I could look through one of the sides, with my hands inside, so my face was protected from degree coming from sanding. This was the most comfortable and productive way to finish the metal plates.

The end product was a smooth finish on both sides of the metal. I need to cut one set of foot plates (the left ones on the picture) to make them the same size as the right foot. I then need to cut the front panels and back plates into a shape similar to the sole of a shoe.

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