Animatic With Set: Version 1

Both Mario and Pete suggested that I make a new animatic/previz for my film using my set and puppets.

Sitting down with Liam, we went through my film and I thumbnailed the previz.

I started by writing down the normal experience of taking a pregnancy test.

This list gives specific moments that need to be shown either visually or through audio.

Next was deciding which moments would be visual and auditory.

With the intro and outro outlined, I needed to specify the middle of the film.

Some of these notes are about how the two characters should interact with one another within the film.

Left: Woman looking into cupboard

Upper Right: Close up of hand going into the cupboard to pick something up.

Lower Right: Woman sat on toilet

Woman sitting on toilet, Cabinet door open, calendar in view, Zoom into the calendar.

Left: Close up of woman face

Upper Right: Mid Shot, Full Shot, Wide shot of woman

Lower Right: Close up of woman face

Upper Left: Calendar on cabinet, Mans face behind door.

Lower Left: super close up of mans hand closing the cabinet door.

Right: Looks a mess, meant to be the calendar with words and dates jumping from the page

Bottom: close up of the woman face.

This is my 1st animatic with the set.

I sent this using WeTransfer to both Mario and Pete through email for feedback.

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