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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Part 1: Aims and Synopsis Deadline 08.10.19 20%

This outlines the TV series and tells us what it is all about. You are to write a synopsis of the world and what the show is all about that includes a brief introduction to the main characters. Maximum word count of 200. You are also required to write a paragraph of aims that include target audience, why have you chosen this genre, are there a current gap in the market? What kind of TV show is it (Educational?) ect. All your research should support this part of the brief. Include how many episodes will feature a season and how long each episode is.


The show takes place in the far future after a zombie pandemic has decimated the world, leaving no living survivors. It is now a world of semi-civilised zombies that have developed their own society and government. The show follows the patients, staff and visitors of an institute for Medical Learning. Mae Sullivan is a naive woman with a bizarre pregnancy is a patient who gets mixed up with the illicit business of Dr. Ivan Arias and corrupt politician Vaughn Everette.

Main Characters

Mae Sullivan

She was the first of her family to be infected, and she overcompensates to try and rectify the awful things she did by being overly kind and polite. Mae came to the institute after becoming concerned that she was ill, which is incredibly rare for zombies, and discovers she is somehow pregnant. Dr. Ivan is her primary Doctor, who she does not trust. Age when infected: 19

Physical description:

Dr. Ivan Arias

The head researcher at the institute. He is a forward thinker who's research has brought the institute to the front face of the new world with his experiments and research. Although he is widely respected in his field, it is a well hidden secret that as a human, his medical research licence was revoked due to a multitude of complaints of neglect, illegal experiments and various other issues from patients and colleagues. The new world of zombie-ism allowed him to explore previously illegal experiments in the name of 'science'. Even within this, he pushes past the new social norms.

Age when infected: 38

Physical description:

Vaughn Everette

A prominent family member of the Everette Dictatorship, Vaughn is the closest thing the new world has to a 'politician'. He has a close personal relationship with Dr. Arias which goes beyond friendship and morals. He aligns himself with potential political rivals to prove to his family he is capable of making the world see the Everette's in the best light. Instigating and supporting Dr. Arias in his illegal doings, Vaughn is given free rein to do as he pleases as his family consider him to be immature, reckless and harmless to their public image.

Age when infected: 27

Physical description:

Side Characters

Margo King

- A pleasant nurse that cares for the patients on the ward. She has a kind heart which balances out Dr Arias behaviour. As a grandmother in her previous life, she holds a lot of maternal authority within the institute and sometimes comes across as condescending to others.

Age when infected: 78

Physical description: Margo is deeply religious and wears her silver cross proudly and constantly. She is rarely seen out of her nurse's uniform. Her face is gaunt, amplified by disease.

Floyd Blackwell

-Patient with late stage decay. He is delirious and dangerous to others as he is incapable of controlling his emotions and suffers from blackouts. When he is present in mind, he is a fatherly figure to those around him and takes the role of protector, when he blacks out he becomes incredibly violent and dangerous to everyone around him.

Age: 53

Physical description: Floyd has his right leg below the knee, and his left hand from his wrist amputated due to his decay. He's lost his left eye early on in his new life and refuses to use a wheelchair. As he is bald, mould looking veins can be seen along his scalp and neck.

Alison Lee

-Sweet and curious is the best way to describe Alison. She gets herself into trouble in her adventures in the institute, and loves to eavesdrop on everyones conversations. Her innocence is forever lasting, which can be frustrating to those around her. She adores all the stereotypical things a young girl does, but has a morbid curiosity for the medical parts of the institute.

Age: 10

Physical description: Brown hair, dark skinned, short, petite and lanky. She likes to switch between being a tomboy and a girly girl with her clothes. Her left wrist is constantly in plaster as she has broken it and healing takes an incredibly long time. Under the plaster her skin is wet and smelly from decay, so she uses anything she can find to make it smell and look pretty.

Tomboy - Baggy jeans and a

Zach McKinny

- Maes closest friend. He doesn't support her decision to stay at the institute, especially after discovering she is pregnant. He is a rival of Vaughn, and despises the Everette Dictatorship which leads to many conflicts between him and Mae. Zach becomes a rebel leader to oppose the Everetts, and believes that Mea's pregnancy is a new beginning for the world.

Age: 28

Physical description: Average height, short dirty blond hair, slightly muscular and chubby. He generally wears a wooly hat to hide that his left ear is missing. Jeans, T-shirt and jacket.


The target audience for the show is Adults

Political Drama

Gap in the market?

I like the concept of a world where the zombies have won and there are no human survivors, I haven't seen a film or TV show with this before. I think it would be a good pathway to talk about right to body

Season and Episodes

26 minutes, 10 episodes per season

References and Inspiration

Warm Bodies

- The film is about a zombie who finds his humanity after meeting a human girl.

- The concept I like from Warm Bodies is that despite being mindless zombies, the inner dialogue of the main character shows that they are find from mindless, and have the ability to be self aware and find their humanity again with a little helping hand.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

- Brooklyn Nine Nine has an amazing way of portraying serious and sensitive topics without it feeling like its forced. Some shows feel as though they are jumping on the band wagon when the topic of interest is serious and sensitive, however in Brooklyn Nine Nine the topics are dealt and depicted respectfully and within the characters personalities.

- I would like to address some sensitive topics within my tv show, and would want to do it in the same respectful manner that Brooklyn Nine Nine.

West Wing

- West Wing is an amazing political drama that I've grown up with. I truly enjoy the way the writers created a show where the politics was an interesting as the personalities on the screen.

- If I decide to use politics with my show I would like to try o replicate the way West Wing portrays their politics.

Parks and Recreation

- the intro itself is very good and establishes the emotions of the characters and their place within the show.

- I'd like to take some aspects of the intro and twist them within my own intro.

The Office

- the intro itself is very good and establishes the emotions of the characters and their place within the show.

- I'd like to take some aspects of the intro and twist them within my own intro.

The 100

- I only watched the first season or so, I don't think I actually completed it.

- The new society that the 100 creates when they land on Earth.

Hemlock Grove

- Literally everything is an inspiration for my show. I won't lie, I binge watched the show just before uni began so its still in the forefront of my mind.

- The Godfrey Institute is a major environment for evens that happen in the show.

- Johann Pryce is a Doctor who does hidden illegal experiments that are brilliantly amazing, but morally questionable. He ultimately has a good heart and cares strongly for Shelly, however his work is the most important thing to him. Big inspiration for Dr. Arias.

Children of Men

-No women are getting pregnant and the world has gone to sh*t. The protagonist is introduced to a a young woman that is pregnant and takes on the role of protector to get her too safety in time for her baby to be born.

- I like the importance that a new born has within the film despite not being born until the end. For my show, the importance of a baby is something I would like to explore.

How I Me Your Mother -The voice over of the father telling his children the story of how he met their mother.

-I could use this idea during the intro to establish the plot of each episode.

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