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Updated: Dec 17, 2018


This morning we were to present our individual NHS pitches to Mario, Pete and the rest of the class in preperation for Fridays meeting with the client.

However, due to unforeseen circumstance, we instead uploaded our pitches to Fastfolders for Mario and Pete to look over in the evening.

Mario was needed to help in the 1st years class as Petes train was late, and Sarah needed help to set up the Masters Degree Show for Wednesday as she had hurt her back.

The extra time I then had in class allowed me to do some review prep work fro the Bristol Animation Festival. I cut out the information about the aninated shorts from the programme, catogorised them into Stop-Motion, 2D and CGI, then ordered them into which prefered. I like to have a hard copy and a digital copy of work, as I work better with pen and paper which I then put onto my blog

Towards the end of the lesson Mario did a talk on his Masters work, the process and how he has managed his time effectively while working full time, moving house and planning a wedding.

He talked us through his creative process when he wanted to do 'Little Red Riding Hood' and his concept art.

For my work, I realy like the idea of sculpting my ideas instead of drawing them, as I struggle to envision what I want in 2D.

We got shown Marios pre-viz which he made in Maya. Previz (pre-visualization ) is a term I haven't come accross before.

Mario has alot of experience and strength in his work in Maya, and uses that to his advantage. Personally, I'd like to do more work within Maya as its a brilliant way to test different sets and camera angles in stopmotion before making the actual set. Theres also the added benefit that the Animation Department has got a 3D printer, which uses models made within Maya to produce whatever objects, characters and armature you want.

Also within his work, Mario has made plastic armatures using the 3D printer to make the armature for his puppet. The armatures design has gone through a variety of incarnations, which is still ongoing.

3D printing is something Im interested in doing myself, but I know my skills and confidence in Maya is very low, so Id like to try and do a couple of things outside of class to improve this.


Pete showed us some adaptions, and their original works which the adaptions where based on.

Wife of Bath -

The street

Peter and the Wolf

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