Mrs Moon by Robert McGough

I have now completed this project.

I strongly enjoy producing stop-motion animations, so I did this project to challenge myself to use 2D.

The final animation isn't to the standard that I want or have as much animation as I originally intended, this is due to a variety of reasons. My time management and my 2D drawing skills have been the main cause. This is not a justification, simple an explanation.

I have definitely found this project challenging, predominantly because of the medium I chose.

I feel like my drawing abilities are incredibly lacking to produce a half decent animation, this became more and more obvious as the project progressed, so I have done as little drawing as possible in this project.

Using Adobe Premier I added fowley to my animation, I didn't need to do camera moves or transitions since I did that in Harmony.

I enjoy using Premier, it took a while to understand the program and how to use the simple effects, however after doing a lot of editing for the NHS project, I've vastly improved my skills.

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