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Updated: Dec 17, 2018

There are 5 people on the panel -

Jason winguard, writer and director. Graduated from Bolton uni in 2004

Lindsey Rowena, works for BBC, make dramas. Made and featured in Ashes.

Blain Ho-shing - Batty Boy (insert link on youtube)

Dior Clarke - actor and director

Blain and Dior

Blaim and Dior spoke about how they applied for funding, the x-factor style manner inwhich they successfully got the £10,000 grant.

They spoke about the struggles they had while creating a film when they have never done before.


How much of the film is based on real life, yourself and others?

The story is loosely based on aspects of both of our lives, not everything, but some things.

How much research did you do?

How did you go about not just representing yourselves, but others accurately?

What type of feedback have you received, both positive and negative?

Why did you use Batty Boy as the phrase?

Is the homophobia that you wanted to portray, the portrayal of a modern Black Gay man,

Is being a Rastafarian a big aspect of the film, or just a way to tell the story you wanted to tell?

Lyndsay Rowe

One of the characters where not written for a wheel chair user, so they adapted the script for the actress that they wanted, primarily to add to the story and explain struggles within the family dynamic.


When your are creating a show/documentary, how much do you conform to mainstream stuff?

Jon Eckersley

Film representing a Syrian refugees perspective.

10 days in Calais, 10 days in manc/Warrington, 10 days in Calais. Blur the world's when filming.

The Calais jungle consists of over 20 different nations.


'Take risks and leap in' -Dior

'I don't what it to be a thing, i just want it to be a thing thing' - Blain

'Feel compelled and driven to tell a story' - lyndsey

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