BAF - Animators Panel

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Sarah Kennedy as the host

Daisy Jacobs

Has life size sets and 6ft models, she has recently started to use pixilation. Works in stop motion.

The story was themed on her family, and how her family had to seperate family objects when her nan passed way.

She starts with a script, with dialog and story, then work in the visuals and then the storyboard and aromatic.

BA in illustration, then a 1 year animating. Then the National Film School for her MA.

For her second film, she created a Kickstarter and used props from the first film which they sold so raise money.

[wpvideo 8NbvlXEt]

Sometimes, Daisy will thumbnail scripts shes made, or scripts from others.

Daisy breaks down the film into scenes, the time of day and how the time of day would affect colours when she decides on her colour pallet. Aswell as taking into consideration the ear which she wants to work in.

Mario Radev

Is very experimental, less storytelling than figuring things out.

The film simulates the world, exploring vibration and sound to navigate the world. John cage inspired this film, as accepting things as they are. Mario expanded on the natural use of sound, and so experimented withing his film, with the knowledge of scientific research.

The narrative explores the life cycles of different characters.

He begins with images of the type of area he wants to work within, with the mindset of sound and visuals. He begins with a sketch book, storyboard, animation, a rough animation and then clean up the animation.

When working for others, he works from a script.

Sound is an incredibly crucial component of his animations, so he collaborates with a sound artist early on in his animations.

Networking is important, Mario collaborates with people he knew in college, university and through various festivals he has been to.

Background was drawn by hand, scanned in and then coloured in Photoshop. The animation was made using TV paint, and then there was a part that was in traditional animation.

Music is an important part of Mario's history, he played guitar in multiple bands when he was growing up in Bulgaria. He then went onto drawing and then animation.

(Holy mountain, 15 days)

The pallet of the colouring of the film came from sunsets. The colours represent the contrasts of the characters and their appearance.

On a previous project, he worked with oil on glass, with some objects.

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