2nd Oct - Mario - NHS Group/ Pete - Contextual Studies

Updated: Nov 11, 2018


Bolton Animation Festival will be this Thursday, we intend to arrive at the Festival for 10.30 and the coach leaves around 7pm.

The Festival day is dedicated to Animation, which is why we have got the coach for that day, however the ticket covers tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so if we wish we can can go on the other days on our own.

This morning Mario will be doing one-on-ones with each of us regarding our ideas for the NHS Group project. This coming Friday, we will work in small groups, which will include med students, to bounce ideas off of one another.

My one-to-one with Mario was quite successful, I spent an hour or so in VB002b doing research into my NHS question; 'How do the organisations and partnerships within Lancashire and South Cumbria communicate effectively'.


This afternoon, as a class we spoke about our individual ideas for the NHS Group Project, and made comments on them briefly.

We went through previous students adaption essays, and spoke about the essay adaption brief with Pete and Rebecca. Rebecca's adaption was based on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', whereas the original is very family friendly, Rebeccas described the caterpillar eating through different animals, and becoming a large moth with big red eyes.

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