Introduction to the Character Design Brief

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Sadly, for at least the first six weeks of this project, Steven Dee who is our regular tutor, won't be in due to personal reasons. Linda McCarthy will be covering for him until he returns.

As Linda is our tutor for the foreseeable, she gave us a small talk about her and her work.

Linda originally pursued a career in ceramics and had a love for marionettes and puppets. In 2007, Linda completed her degree in Animation at Glyndwr University, North Wales. Since 2007, Linda has created her own company 'Tiny Elephants', in which she adapted four cartoon strips of 'Small Birds Singing' by Steven Appleby, and a music video 'Mother’s Song' by the Long Dead Sevens.

Small Birds Singing Series

'Small Birds Singing' 2007

'Every day is Monday at the home of the Unbelievable family. Tiny elephants, arguing apples and a body in the hedge... just an ordinary day at Small Birds Singing.'

'A Traditional Christmas at Small Birds Singing' 2008

'Join the Unbelievable family – Spandisman, Consommé and Delphinium – for this darkly festive look at Christmas.'

'The Grand Easter Egg Hunt' 2010

'It is Easter at Small Birds Singing and the Unbelievable family are looking forward to the traditional Grand Egg Hunt. Spandisman, Delphinium and Consommé hope to bag an Easter Egg or two, but this year it all ends in tragedy.'


'Small Birds Singing is besieged by plastic bottles. Where have they come from? Who is to blame? As Consommé and Delphinium play croquet, Spandisman investigates…'

Independent Animations

'Mothers Song' 2012

'Mother sits and drinks on the deck of her shack. Her son has gone and he ain’t coming back. Mother did you kill your son?'

'Pipkin' 2013

'Pipkin is a sycamore seed who is blown by the wind. His journey explores the relationship between landscape, folk memory and finding a place of belonging within the cycles of life.'

Mario Introducing the Brief

This project is to design, sculpt a woodland creature and a design and make an environment for the model.

We have to do research on existing creatures and woodlands, and expand on our research.

Unlike our other ongoing projects, we only have 2 deadlines for this project,

19th October '18 - design and concept art

13th December '18 - Final sculpt and background.

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