24th Sept - Mario/Pete

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Mario - NHS Project

Mario went over what happened in the meeting that we had with Rick and Jim on Friday, giving us additional details about what we need to do for the pitch, and what's expected of us.

We need to have 3 ideas, with no more than a paragraph explaining each idea. We will do an informal pitch to Pete and Mario on the 8th Oct, and the official pitch to Jim and Rick on the 12th Oct.

For the groups, Mario asked everyone to write their top 3 positions on a piece of paper and give it to him, to help him organise the groups for the project.

My Top 3

1- Director 2- Producer

-3 Researcher

We won't be given our groups until after we have given the pitch to Jim and Rick.

For my pitch I began with a question I had during the meeting on Friday, 'how do different organisations communicate to organise a patients care? '

Mario has emphasised how important our research blogs are for this project, as 30% of our total grade comes from our research, documentation of work, evaluation and reflection.

70% of our marks for this specific brief come from how we work as a group, and 30% from our individual contributions.

My Blog

Last year, I struggled using Tumblr as my blog, I didn't like the interface or how work was presented in a scrolling timeline, along with other things. This was definitely one of the reasons I didn't update my blog regularly. This year I'm going to use Wordpress for a couple of weeks to see if I prefer using that, as I know how important regular updates.

There will be several trips to animation festivals this year, and also to Annoy if there is enough interest from the students.

Pete - Adaption Essay

Following from this mornings NHS work, Pete showed us some of his own work which he feels may assist us in our NHS brief.

We had a conversation about the Adaption Poem which Mark will introduce us to on Friday, which is based off Roger Mgoffs work.

Our Adaption Essay can be based of anything we want to.

The brief hasn't been uploaded to blackboard yet, so Pete gave us a verbal summery of what we need to do.

- 2500 word essay

- character designs

-sample of a script we have written

- relevant research.

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