Introduction to Year 2

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

We had an Induction into Year 2, with a brief overview of the work over the next year and some key dates to be aware of.

On Friday 21st we have a compulsory meeting in Greenbank at 2.50, with talks given by a member of the 'Creative Innovation Zone', a member of the Medical School and Pete and Mario, regarding our live brief for this year.

Mario emphasised the importance of good attendance, as 20% of this years work go towards our overall Degree.

Deadlines are non-negotiable, as the live brief is being ran as if we are 'in-house', unless there are extreme circumstances which must be discussed with Mario or Mark.

This year, our Academic Advisor is Mark, instead of Mario. This means that we go to Mark for assistance and help with anything regarding our classwork, and also for our one-to-ones throughout the year.

This semester, Linda McCarthy will be covering for at least the first 6 weeks for Steve Dee's lessons while he is off. During the first Semester we'll have lessons on Thursdays, and then on Wednesdays in Semester 2.

We will have multiple speakers coming in over the next year, predominantly on Fridays within lesson time, we will be given more information as the year goes on.

The Great Northern Festival will be held in the Media Factory on 12th November, the same week as The Manchester Animation Festival. Mario is hoping to take us to a couple of other animation Festivals this year, such as the London International Festival and the Bolton Animation Festival.

This year we have 2 Essays to complete, 1 in each Semester. This semesters essay will be in Contextual Studies

with Pete.

We briefly went over the Module Descriptor for the year, and the way our work will be marked.

The university has gotten 15 licences for 'Toom Boom', a 2D program, which we can use this year.

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